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What can we do to save the planet?

A la classe d’anglès de 5è estem aprenent sobre el canvi climàtic i el nostre impacte. Hem pensat i compartit idees sobre com podem ajudar el nostre planeta. Podeu llegir les idees que han aportat els alumnes de 5è A i potser us inspiraran a seguir el seu exemple. Properament hi afegirem les propostes de 5è B. 

Biel: Climate change is when people pollute and they don’t recycle. Also it changes the temperature of the world. For example, in winter it is hot and in summer it is very hot. If we continue polluting in the end we will run out of water. 

Marta: We use “bocanroll” instead of alluminum paper. We don’t have long showers. 

Itziar: We don’t use plastic film. We don’t have baths. We have showers. We take the used oil to the recycling centre. 

Àgata, Ona, Cristhian: We don’t throw the rubbish in the sea, forest, lakes, etc.  

Teo: I buy things without plastic wrapping. When I go to the supermarket I buy food that is not in plastic containers. 

Gael, Max: We use electric transports. 

Màxim: We carry medecines to the chemist for recycling. My dad eats ecological food. 

Mar, Jana: We don’t use the car very much. We ride the bicycle. 

Pol B., Mònica: We bring the batteries to the recycling centre. 

Elena: We always take a bag made of cloth. 

Núria: We don’t throw anything on the ground in the street. We don’t set the heating at a high temperature. 

Júlia: We separate the rubbish. We buy recycled paper. 

Martina: We switch off the lights when we don’t need them or when we are not at home. We reuse paper. 

Gerard: We recycle bottle caps.

Paula: We turn off the water tap. 

Aitana: We don’t use many plastics.

Judit: I use the subway or bus often. 

Jana: We use public transport. Try not to use plastic. 

Mònica: We use led bulbs to save electricity. We try to use the elevator less to consume less energy. 

Èric: We don’t have many toxic products. We don’t use fabric softener in the washing machine. We buy cleaning products in bulk, reusing the bottle. 

Ainara: My family and I use public transport.

Marc: We put the organic material in the brown garbage container. 

Pol G.: We reuse cardboard, so that I make toys. 

The whole class: We recycle!!! (paper, batteries, glass, plastic,…)

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