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The best smartphones

Xiaomi: The Xiaomi is from China and it is very popular because it is very cheap and a very safe brand. This mobile is very modern.
Iphone X:  The Iphone X is more popular than the Iphones but it is very costly. The Iphone X is in different colors and has the best quality. It has  facial admission. It has 2 frontal cameras.

Samsung S8: The Samsung S8 is the best Samsung phone. It is very costly. It is aquatic and water resistant. The Samsung S8 has 2 cameras. It’s similar of Iphone X.

Hawei p10: The Hawei p10 is very similar to the Iphone and the Samsung but the range is inferior than Iphone but it is a very good mobile.

BQ: The BQ is the inferior mobile of this list but it’s very good because it’s cheap and its camera is very good and it doesn’t have problems.

Oriol, Alejandro and Valeria.

Source: Anglès 6B

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